Education Channel

COMCAST - Channel 9 / VERIZON - Channel 43

The education component of our studio focuses on incorporating student involvement into content creation and production. High school students across many levels and abilities have the opportunity to learn film and broadcast techniques and concepts. Students may, through our studio, enroll in Media, Broadcast Production, and Advanced Broadcast Production classes. Altogether, we encourage student creativity and assist our students in creating their own media projects both in class and in our after school clubs.


Students have the opportunity to enroll in courses as part of Hudson High School's curriculum offerings. Classes include Media, Broadcast Production, and Advanced Broadcast Production. Mrs. Chilton and Mrs. D'Urso offer fun, hands on learning in the studio.


HudTV staff love creative thinking and are happy to help students learn Script Writing, General Cinematography, and Directing Techniques. We offer a fun and creative escape at the end of a school day through our Film Club


In case you haven't heard, Hudson High School has its own sports network! Throughout the year this club offers students the opportunity to learn broadcast journalism techniques and to take part in live event coverage.