HudTV School Courses

HudTV also provides video production education in a classroom setting for high school students attending Hudson High School. Students are able to take HudTV offered courses as electives, and incorporate video learning into their school schedules. 

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In this course 9th through 12th grade students will use their existing knowledge of media to analyze and produce videos. Through analyzing popular videos and commercials, students will learn about what goes in to making the media that they consume. Students will design, write script, videotape and edit their own commercials, slideshows, public service announcements and TV shows. 

Video Animation

Students will explore various techniques in video animation. Working in groups, the class will create Stop-motion animation projects that range from simple two-dimensional construction paper to pixelation, and 3D claymation. During the production process, students will learn how to brainstorm story ideas, write a script, lm, edit. The course will use the following software products: iStopmotion, iMovie, Final Cut Pro, Garageband, and Google Sites. 

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TV News

Students will learn the basics of TV News Production including what gives a story news value. Students will learn how to create news story formats including the News package, the News Interview and the News Reader. Students will learn the skills of interviewing, writing for a voice-over and performing a Stand-up for a news report. Students will produce, write script, videotape, and edit a semiweekly school news update based on the school’s “Round Robin” for broadcast on HUD-TV. Each student will have the opportunity to assume the real life roles of producer, director, anchor, reporter, camera operator, video editor, audio editor and graphic designer. Successful students in this class will develop skills in the following areas: story research, storytelling, script writing, editing and teamwork. At the end of the course, each student will produce a short documentary. 

advanced tv news

Students will enhance their abilities in script writing, camera operating and editing to create professional videos. Students will be responsible for producing HUD-TV’s Daily Live Morning Announcement Program on a rotational basis. Students must be available for their shift at 7:30 am. Students will also produce a high quality live-to-tape weekly News Magazine Program. Each student will have the opportunity to assume the real life roles of an operating TV News Station including: Station Manager, Online Content Manager, News Director, Assignment Editor, Technical Director, News Anchor and News Reporter. In addition, students will help schedule, organize, and manage the day-to-day operations of the Educational Channel for HUD-TV. Students will be introduced to advanced editing techniques including special effects, lighting effects and multi-track audio designing.