after school 2pm - 4pm

HUD-TV offers Film Club on Tuesdays and Wednesdays to students at Hudson High School. Mr. Donoghue and Mr. Ciesluk work with students to develop and create a variety of film projects. We provide a fun, creative environment for students to learn, after school and grow their video production skills. Check out some of our videos below!  

Film Club has been a wonderful experience. Every day after school I’ve been able to come and work on my projects, collaborate with others on their projects, and just hang out with some cool people. Film Club keeps it real.
— Jared Colbert, Secretary of Film Club 2017

I have made some of the best memories at HudTV and this place has changed my life. I love that Film Club was able to not only grow me as a filmmaker, but also as a person. The people here are fantastic and I’m so glad I was able to be apart of something so special.
— Buffy Cautela, Co-President of Film Club 2018

Before I found HudTV, I was planning on going into business because I thought that was the safe thing to do. After taking my first media class, I found an environment that not only allowed me to fully express myself, I also found my home and my passion. I now plan on fulfilling my dream as a filmmaker in the future and it’s al because of HudTV.
— Ari Jordan-MacArthur, Co-President of Film Club 2018

Some of our past award winners...