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HHS Friday Morning Lights- 4-7-17

3/30/17 Superintendent Search Deliberations



4/10/17 Board of Selectmen Meeting

3/28/17 School Committee Meeting

We would like to invite viewers to watch live Hudson High School sports events this year. If you missed a live broadcast, many of our events that were streamed live are still available online at one of our two Livestream channels below.

HUD-TV Livestream Channel 1

HUD-TV Livestream Channel 2

In addition, many of our shorter non-live shows are available from our Vimeo channel.

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If you are experiencing problems viewing a show online or on TV, please click Technical Issues to give us your feedback and we will do our best to fix problem as soon as possible.

At HUD-TV, we are proud to bring you community video programming through our three cable access channels serving the town of Hudson, Massachusetts. The Public Access Channel (Comcast 8, Verizon 47) brings you a diverse offering of local community produced programming. The Education Channel (Comcast 9, Verizon 43) broadcasts school events ranging from academic awards to concerts to sports, originating from all of the public schools in Hudson. The Government Access Channel (Comcast 99, Verizon 45) delivers LIVE School Committee and Board of Selectmen Meeting coverage as well as playback of government interest shows. Please join us in thanking all of the student and adult volunteers that make this programming possible. We also thank you for your viewership of our channels and programming. Contact Info: Media and TV News Teacher – Lynda Chilton – Media Specialist – Scott Darlington – Cable Access Producer – Cameron Ciesluk – Cable Access Assistant – Daniel Donoghue –

School Committee Meeting Videos

Welcome to the page for the Hudson Public School Committee meeting videos.

Hudson Public School Committee meetings are broadcast live on the Public Cable Access Channel – Comcast Channel 8, Verizon Channel 47 every other Tuesday night at 7 pm. Go to for a schedule of upcoming meetings.

Use the links below to watch the meetings Live or Video on Demand in HD:

Meeting 3/28/17

Meeting 3/15/17

3/7/17 Meeting

Meeting 2/28/17

2/21/17 Meeting

Meeting 1/24/17

1/10/17 Meeting

Meeting 12/20/16

Meeting 12/6/16

Meeting 11/15/16

Meeting 10/25/16

Meeting 10/11/16

Meeting 9/27/16

Meeting 9/13/16

Meeting of 8/23/16

-MEETING OF 6/28/16

-MEETING OF 6/7/16

-MEETING OF 5/24/16

-MEETING OF 5/10/16

-MEETING OF 4/26/16

-MEETING OF 4/5/16

-MEETING OF 3/22/16

-MEETING OF 3/8/16

-MEETING OF 2/23/16

-MEETING OF 2/9/16

-MEETING OF 1/19/16

-MEETING OF 1/5/16

-MEETING OF 12/15/15

-MEETING OF 12/1/15

-MEETING OF 11/17/15

-MEETING OF 11/3/15

-MEETING OF 10/20/15

-MEETING OF 10/6/15

-MEETING OF 9/21/15


Meeting of 8/25/15

-MEETING OF 8/11/15

-MEETING OF 7/7/15

-MEETING OF 6/23/15

-MEETING OF 5/26/15

-MEETING OF 5/12/15

-MEETING OF 4/28/15

-MEETING OF 3/24/15

-MEETING OF 3/10/15

-MEETING OF 2/24/15

-MEETING OF 2/10/15

-MEETING of 1/13/14

-MEETING OF 12/9/14

-MEETING OF 11/18/14

MEETING OF 11/4/14


-MEETING OF 2/11/14

-MEETING OF 2/25/14

-MEETING OF 3/11/2014

-MEETING OF 3/25/2014

-MEETING OF 4/8/2014

-MEETING OF 4/29/2014

-MEETING 5/13/14

-MEETING 5/27/14

-MEETING 6/10/14

-MEETING 6/17/14

-MEETING 6/26/14

-MEETING 8/26/14

-MEETING 9/9/14

-MEETING 9/23/14

-MEETING 10/7/14

-MEETING 10/21/14

Comcast – 8 (Public), 9 (Ed), 99 (Gov) Verizon – 43 (Ed), 45 (Gov), 47 (Public)