HudTV Original Shows

Hudson Public Access is home to multiple original properties both student and adult produced. 

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C109 The Sports hub

Hudson High School's #1 Sports Talk Show.


buffy on the street

Buffy Cautela walks the streets interviewing random people in her High School National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences nominated television series. 

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video game update

Hudson High Schools #1 place for video game information and gameplay. 

The Studio

The Studio is a HudTV scripted comedy series based on the popular TV show The Office.

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Bergeron briefs

Arthur P. Bergeron breaks down law in his long running HudTV series. 

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out and about

HudTV staff members Cam Ciesluk, Dan Donoghue, and Tom Brown travel around Massachusetts exploring the outdoors. 

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Movie boomerang

Coming soon to HudTV, ever wonder what happened to that old film or if it was worth seeing again? Movie Boomerang is the series for you! 


the fantasy football show

Coming soon to HudTV, a weekly Fantasy football show hosted by Dan Donoghue, Cam Ciesluk, and Tom Brown.

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HMPS is HudTV's hit live performing music show.