Post an Announcement

If you have a local school, community, or town non-profit event that you would like to have posted on one of the HUD-TV access channels, please include the information listed below in the form at the bottom of the page. If you already have a Carousel account click here.

HUD-TV staff will determine whether the message meets the criteria for our access channels and on which channel, if any, the message will appear. Please keep your announcement short and put it in bullet style.

If there is a large amount of info. include a website link or contact for more information. We reserve the right to edit the message for length. If possible, please submit a photo or a link for photos related to the announcement.

  • Name, School or Group
  • Headline (3-4 words) & Short Message (20 words or less)
  • Dates to Run (2 weeks max.)

Comcast – 8 (Public), 9 (Ed), 99 (Gov) Verizon – 43 (Ed), 45 (Gov), 47 (Public)

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