About HUD-TV

HUD-TV was started at Hudson High School in 1998 to educate students in the area of TV production. Since then, we have expanded to offer programming to the cable subscribers of Hudson, Massachusetts on HUD-TV’s public, government, and educational cable access channels.

In addition to our channels, we offer a full TV production studio. Any resident, business, or community organization in the town of Hudson can join HUD-TV. All volunteers can receive training and help in recording studio shows, videotaping local events, and creating final media products for broadcast or duplication. HUD-TV seeks to teach Hudson residents about media production in a realistic, practical environment. Unlike other experiences you may have with television, we learn by doing every day.

Our goal is to make sure that people aren’t just consuming media but also creating it.

To access show lists, announcements, video on demand, and a live feed of one of the channels select a channel above. These pages are currently only available in the Hudson school system network.

Comcast – 8 (Public), 9 (Ed), 99 (Gov) Verizon – 43 (Ed), 45 (Gov), 47 (Public)

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